Vape Juice and Vape Flavors – The Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed

Vape Juice and Vape Flavors – The Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed

Vape Juice – What is E-Liquid and what is it made of?

You may be a frequent vaper, but have you ever given a second thought about what ingredients go into a vape juice or e-liquid? Worry not, we’ve broken down in simple terms what exactly makes up e-liquids, and spoiler alert: it’s way simpler than you think.

Any vape juice, or e-liquid, will likely contain the same contents, which may differ in ratio/intensity. The foundation of e-liquids are substances known as Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. Additional ingredients include nicotine, flavor, and water. PG and VG are liquids that are common bases for most vape juices. It is used to create a smooth vapor and is much thicker than PG. The latter is known to provide a stronger “throat hit” but with less detectable vapor, whereas VG has a fairly

You will have to figure out the vaping sweet spot by learning which intensity suits you best!

What is the role of vape juice in a vaping device?

Vape juice is heated up to a certain temperature and turned into a vapor upon inhalation. The vapor then delivers the nicotine and flavor. The amount of nicotine in e-liquid differs; in fact, there are certain e-liquids that do not contain nicotine at all.

Vaping Flavors- Where to start?

So, now that we’ve covered how e-liquids actually work and their ingredients, let’s go to Flavortown! Buckle up, because we are about to blow your mind with the abundance of flavors that vape juices come in. In fact, fun and funky flavors are what set vapes apart from run-of-the-mill cigarettes. Vape flavors give the vape juice a unique taste, which is why they are such a hit among young people.

This is one of the distinguishing features of vapes that separate them from traditional cigarettes because they are customizable in every aspect; which is why many prefer the former!

Regarding the vaping flavors you will ultimately settle on, that will depend entirely on your personal preferences. It’s recommended to try several flavors and dip your toes before you find the perfect one for you. The intensity of e-juice is another factor to consider, which is more important than one may think. You may find yourself adjusting the strength based on past smoking habits.

Flavor trends might also vary across different regions so that also might influence your decision depending on where you live.

There are numerous vape-juice flavors readily available on the market, some are pretty standard, but others are curiously interesting. We’ve listed some of the more popular flavors and some of the unique and unusual (but still enjoyable) ones listed below as a guide for you to choose your favorites:

  • Fruity flavors such as watermelon, blueberry
  • Menthol and minty flavors for that cooling sensation
  • Tobacco flavors, which may mimic the taste of regular cigarettes
  • Dessert flavors, such as vanilla or caramel for those with a sweet tooth!
  • Beverage flavors, inspired by caffeinated drinks such as coffee and soda
  • Candy flavors such as gummy bears and sour candy
  • Spices, such as cinnamon
  • Nicotine Salts have been becoming popular among smokers because of the intense nicotine hit that they provide

That’s not all, however! There are many more distinctive and exotic flavors available in vape juices out there. Some manufacturers also offer customizable juices, where consumers can mix and match different flavors to create a special blend that has a distinctive taste.

Vape N’ Vapor has new and exciting flavors and flavor combinations of e-liquids for you to try out which will definitely not disappoint! And, just in case you find yourself confused about which vape juice and flavor to choose, you can contact our customer service support, and we, at Vape N’ Vapor, will assist you to kick start your vaping journey.

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