Cloud Chasing 101 – How to Make Thick Clouds When Vaping

Get Thicker Vape Clouds for the Ultimate Cloud-chasing Experience

Everyone starts vaping for a different reason. Some start it for the cool flavors, and others for the intense hit of nicotine. Among this group, there are some who may opt for a subtle vaping experience, but on the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s a certain niche of people who start vaping just to chase clouds ad clouds of vapor!  If compared to regular cigarettes, they offer only a few puffs of smoke that disperse in an instant, a vaping device will often provide you with a much thicker vape cloud that will linger (making sure everybody sees it!)

First things first, let’s explore what the essence of vapor is and the characteristics that define it. A common misconception that even expert vapers might perceive to be true, is that vapor is smoke. Many would be surprised to know that, in fact, e-liquid (which turns into vapor) contains mostly water, and the output results in a thick vapor. To know more about e-liquids and what they comprise, you can click here.

Now, to the exciting part! Have you ever taken a moment to ponder how experienced vapers create such fascinating and heavy clouds of vapor? If you have been vaping for a while now, you might also want to spice things up and increase the amount and intensity of your vape clouds. Luckily for you, we’ve listed some tips and tricks that can help you to achieve maximum vapor output to achieve those massive vape clouds that you long for.

  1. E-Liquid PG and VG Composition: The ingredients of the e-liquid have a bigger impact on the thickness of the vape clouds than one may initially think; it highly depends on the ratios of PG and VG. A higher ratio of VG is most likely to produce a dense cloud of vapor which will disappear much later than the vapor produced by an e-liquid with a higher ratio of PG, which will deliver a much more intense throat hit.
  2. Coil and Voltage: The best type of tank to maximize cloud vapors is going to be one that has a mesh coil as that quickly heats up the e-liquid which in turn, produces a larger amount of vapor. Mesh and sub-ohm tanks are low-resistance with a high-wattage system, which is what you want for a thick vape cloud.
  3. Vape Mods: If you are cloud chasing for some thick vapor action, devices like vape pens simply will not cut it. Vape mods have a bigger battery capacity and give you greater control of temperature and wattage, which is linked to the heating of the vapor and subsequently, to the amount of vapor produced.
  4. Airflow: If you adjust the airflow to a higher setting, more air is directed toward the coil. This air is cooled down and ultimately facilitates the condensation process and the vapor then takes the form of a large cloud. Hence, it is important that the airflow settings in your device are adjustable. Many devices now come with extra air ducts built into their atomizers to help vapers produce bigger clouds.

To conclude, these factors are not the end-all-be-all factors if you want to be among the pro-cloud-chasers. Striking the right balance to get your desired cloud output will be something that you need to figure out for yourself. Remember, every company and device will be different. Another factor to consider is the amount of nicotine that will be inhaled; as you take in bigger puffs and more vapor is produced, you are bound to get a stronger throat hit of nicotine as well.

Fortunately, today’s vaping devices are much more customizable to suit your liking, whether you are looking for that nicotine hit or a thick vape cloud, you can find the sweet spot that gives you the experience you’re looking for.

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Akbar Khan