Travel Destinations and Vaping Legalities

Areas Where Vaping is Illegal

Members of the vaping community are known to be adventurous when it comes to their habits and travels. Since summer is coming to a close soon, many people are starting to make last-minute plans to cross off of their traveling bucket list. However, before you decide to pack your vape up on a flight, it is a pretty good idea to figure out what the vaping laws are in the location where you are traveling. The United States has very straightforward vaping laws but international nations may look down on your habit.

Where Can’t You Vape?

Knowing the countries where you can and cannot vape is very important. because the last thing you want is to get in trouble with the foreign law or have your vape equipment confiscated. There are some countries where vaping is somewhat restricted, and somewhere vaping is flat-out illegal.

Countries where vaping has been officially banned include:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Egypt
  • Mexico

From mods to standard e-cigarettes vaping in these and other countries is against the law. Some countries like Norway even have all nicotine and nicotine-related products banned from their borders. In order to avoid some hefty fines or having to buy your product again in the states, we recommend leaving your mods at home when you visit these countries.

Is E-Liquid Illegal As Well?

There are even some countries that allow vaping but have banned cigarettes. The cigarette ban is mainly a ban on the nicotine inside of the cigarettes. This means that while you may be able to vape in countries like Australia, the e-juice that you put in your vaporizer is very important. If your e-liquid has any nicotine in it, it may not be legal for use in the country where you are visiting. Remember, that in some of these countries, selling nicotine can wind you up in jail.

Some Tips Before Your Next Trip

The most basic tip when traveling to a foreign country is doing your research. Not only does research help make you look less like a tourist, but it also helps you save money on what could easily be some confiscated island fun. One way to do this is to study the country of destination and double-check that they do accept vaping as a habit. If they do, feel free to blow as many crazy vape clouds as you like. However, if the country doesn’t approve, you will need to find alternatives to the vaping experience. Looking up local laws is the best way to determine how you should prep for your next vacation.

Vape N’ Vapor has All of the Answers to Your Vaping Travel Questions

If you know that you plan on traveling out of the country any time soon, it is important that you are as informed as possible before takeoff. If you have any questions about your vaping products you plan on taking with you, Vape N’ Vapor has professionals on-hand to answer all of your questions. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services.

5 Tricks to Make Your Vape Clouds Awe-Worthy

Vape Tricks for Vape Clouds

Although vaping has been used to help people wean themselves off of cigarettes, the hobby is so much more than the health benefits that it offers. After you have discovered your favorite e-liquid, it is now time for you to start practicing some vape tricks. After all, what’s the use of blowing huge vape clouds if you can’t do it in style? Here are 5 of the hottest vape tricks that are currently trending among vapers. Once you master these, you’ll leave your audience asking for more.

1. Blowing O’s

Even before vaping was a thing, we’ve all seen this trick in some old-fashioned mobster flick. Blowing O’s is simply that. You will be manipulating your vape cloud and creating O shaped vapors that are actually quite impressive.

How’s it done? Simple. Grab your mod, take a deep pull on your vape and inhale the vapors into your throat. From here you will keep your tongue centered at the bottom of your mouth, open your lips in an O shape, and then push small amounts of the vapor with your tongue in bursting, thrusting motions. This may take some practice, and there are other ways to get your O’s, but we think that this method is the easiest to master.

2. Vape Bending

Mastering your O leads to really blowing people away with the skill of vape bending. This trick may sound simple by nature, but as with all skills, it is easier said than done. For this trick you will need to produce a single O. Directly after doing this you will “push” the O in the desired direction with your hand. Keep in mind that you will want to do this delicately. Do not touch the actual O because this will ultimately result in a foggy fail of a trick!

3. The French Inhale

Do you want to look sophisticated when you vape? If the answer is yes, then the French inhale is the trick for you to learn. Snoop Dogg himself made this trick famous, so you already know that it is something worth mastering. With this trick, your vapor will flow up from your mouth and into your nostrils. Think of this trick as a reverse waterfall.

When you attempt this method, take a hit but do not inhale the vapor into your throat. You really just want to hold it in your actual mouth. From here, you slowly open your mouth, and as the vapors rise, you inhale through your nostrils. Master this, and your rep will be taller than the Eiffel Tower in no time!

Master Quality Vape Tricks with Quality Vape Materials from Vape N’ Vapor

If you are ready to blow some huge clouds and try out some of the vape tricks that we described above, Vape N’ Vapor has the product that you need to make this a reality. We offer only the best in mods, batteries, e-liquids and other vaping essentials. Get in touch with one of our locations today to find out about our products. We can’t wait to get you set up with a great starter kit and have you on the way to impressing your friends with your vaping skills.

Vaping vs Hookah: Is There a Difference?

Vaping vs Hookah

Over the past few years, many alternative forms of smoking have popped up in the market alongside electronic cigarettes and e-juices. Knowing the difference between all of them can be difficult. One of the most frequently compared smoking alternatives are hookah and vaping. But are they actually that similar? Here’s a run-down of the key differences, and a look at which is the better alternative to cigarettes.

What is Hookah?

A hookah is basically a water pipe consisting of a head filled with moist tobacco, a central stem leading to a water bowl at the bottom, and a hose with a mouthpiece on the end. The moist tobacco on the head is heated by lighting some charcoal directly above it on a piece of foil with holes poked. The charcoal heats the tobacco without burning it, then the smoke is sucked through the water and out of the hose before the user inhales.

The type of tobacco used in hookah pipes is slightly different from normal tobacco used in cigarettes, as it’s moist and often contains molasses, vegetable glycerin and flavorings. This generally means that hookah smoke is less harsh to inhale than cigarette smoke.

Differences Between Hookah and Vaping

Although hookah and vaping are similar in the way that they are both better alternatives to smoking cigarettes and can be enjoyed in different flavors, there are many differences between the two methods of smoking. As we’ve previously mentioned, while one involves burning coals and moist tobacco, the other involves electric coils and no tobacco whatsoever. Of course, the appearance of the device is also quite different, one being small, compact and portable and the other a tall pipe with a bowl of water at the bottom.

Of all the difference between hookah and vaping, perhaps the biggest is the cultural difference of their uses. Vaping culture is primarily made up of former smokers or those who are trying to cut down on smoking cigarettes. It’s a personal hobby maintained to meet personal needs, and the portability of the e-cig makes it so that it can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. On the other hand, hookah is much more of a social pastime that has little to do with quitting smoking. The hookah itself is designed to be enjoyed in a group, as it has multiple pipes attached. Smoking hookah isn’t about avoiding smoking or reducing the harm of addiction – it’s about using hookah for the flavors or the experience.

Vaping: A Better Alternative to Cigarettes AND Hookah

Now that we know the main differences between hookah and vaping, the question remains: which one is the safest option?

The “heat not burn” method used by hookahs means that there is the potential for it to reduce risks in comparison to smoking, but the reality of the hobby means that it still carries very significant risks. Combustion can still occur with hookah pipes, and if it does, then smoking hookah means inhaling combusted tobacco, just like when you smoke a cigarette.

Regardless of these factors, hookah smoke still contains carbon monoxide, several polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals and other carcinogenic or toxic ingredients, and often in greater quantities than in cigarette smoke. The coals used to heat the tobacco in hookahs actually contribute to the levels of toxic chemicals found in hookah smoke. Although most hookah users don’t smoke daily in the same way as cigarette smokers, each smoke session involves inhaling a lot more smoke than cigarette smokers do. The absence of these factors in electronic cigarettes and e-liquids makes vaping a far healthier alternative to smoking not only cigarettes, but hookah as well.

Get Your Hookah Fix at Vape N Vapor

They may not contain a water bowl at the bottom, but e-cigs can be just as enjoyable as smoking hookah. Select from a variety of e-liquid flavors, choose the right mod based on your needs, and best of all, enjoy a healthier alternative to your favorite past time. Visit one of our many Dallas vape store locations today!

The Art of Stealth Vaping

Stealth Vaping

So, you love vaping but there are still some places that you frequent where the habit is frowned upon. Restaurants, stores, and even outdoor public events like Renaissance festivals are places where if you are seen vaping, you may be asked to stop or simply leave. We get it. You just bought the perfect mod and want to show off your cloud-making skills, however, certain societal etiquette rules are preventing you from doing so. This is why you need to learn how to stop making rookie mistakes and stealth vape like a ninja!

What is Stealth Vaping?

Stealth vaping is quite simple to understand. Sometimes you just need your nicotine or flavor fix and you are in a place where vaping is a “no-no.” Stealth vaping means that you are utilizing specific vape techniques to get your kicks without getting thrown out or annoying the customers around you with harmless vapor clouds. Here are some tips that you can use on your next vape outing.

1. Deep Inhale

This is the most common way to pull off a successful stealth vape. Simply pick your favorite e-juice, grab your mod and take a deep inhale. Hold the vapor in your lungs for the count of a few seconds and then release. The exhale, while still producing a vapor, will not produce one that causes much attention towards you.

2. Shirt and Napkin Blow

While these two techniques may seem easy, many vaping enthusiasts or beginners with starter kits seem to mess them up. These methods involve you taking a vape hit and blowing the vapors into your shirt or a napkin/paper towel. The intent is that the materials will absorb most of the vapors and the hit will go relatively unnoticed. However, where mistakes are made is the initial hit. Some people absorb too much vapor and end up with a very visible cloud of smoke billowing out of the neck of their shirt.

3. Pick a Smaller Mod!

If you are walking around with a massive box-like mod, then, of course, you aren’t going to be able to pull off stealth vaping in public! If you know you are going somewhere where vaping isn’t permitted or someone won’t appreciate your hobby, leave the house with a smaller setup, like an e-cigarette. These are much less obvious, and you are more likely to pull off your stealth skills without getting into any trouble.

4. Cover Up!

The light that illuminates when you hold down your mod’s button for a hit is a dead giveaway. Cover your light up and reduce the chances of being found out.

5. Starter Kits Help

We know, you are a vaping king or queen and you are way beyond using a starter kit in public. However, starter kits don’t provide much in the way of vapor clouds. Therefore, if you really need a taste of nicotine, a starter kit is your best bet for stealth vaping without issue.

Vape N’ Vapor Has Starter Kits You Need and More for Stealth Vaping

While vaping isn’t illegal, you may want to be subtle in your actions sometimes. Get with Vape ‘N Vapor and browse our products. We will be able to help you find the right mods and e-liquids to give you the experience you need. Contact us today for more information on what our stores are all about!

Selecting Your First Vaping Starter Kit

Vaping Starter Kit

Vaping is a hobby that not only grants the benefit of creating huge vape clouds, but it also allows you to get your nicotine fix without having to disturb the peace of non-smokers. If you are brand new to the vaping scene, then we recommend your first purchase being a starter kit.

There are many options out there, so testing out what you like about vaping through a starter kit is a great idea. Education is the number one priority between us and new vapers. That’s why we are here to explain the ins and outs of starter kits and why you should get one!

What Comes in a Starter Kit?

Your first starter kit is going to be very basic because at this point in the hobby; basic is all you really need. When selecting a starter kit, it is good to remember that there are four different types of vaping devices to choose from:

Learning about these different types of devices will help you make the decision of where you want to start as a vaper. Aside from the device itself, your starter kit will come with:

These are the guaranteed items in your starter kit, and we will get extra information that you will need to know, later.

What Are the Benefits of a Starter Kit?

The benefits of a starter kit are quite obvious. You get to start enjoying vaping. Your starter kit will open the door to countless e-liquid flavors and future mods that you probably couldn’t even fathom at this point.

The main benefit of vaping is that you get to try out the hobby and find out what you really like without having to make a huge investment. A lot of vapers tend to spend their money on the latest and greatest. This is fine, but we recommend that you truly understand what you enjoy before making bigger decisions.

What Special Information Should I Know About My Starter Kit?

Keep in mind that not all starter kits are going to come with e-liquid. There are so many choices to make in that area that it makes no sense for us to make the choice for you. Explore your vape shop’s products and try out a flavor that you think suits your fancy.

It is also beneficial for you to talk with your vendor about battery storage and safety. There are too many rumors floating around that vape mods explode on their own. This is false. Accidents happen mainly due to improper charging and storage. Remember, education is key, so learn before you get burned.

Vape N’ Vapor Supplies Starter Kits to DFW’s New Vapers

Don’t let the wide variety of vaping products scare you away from such an exciting hobby. Start out safe with a starter kit and then delve deeper from there. If you find that you still have questions, the professional staff at Vape N’ Vapor will be happy to help you get your answers. Contact us today to find out more about our products and store locations.

Vape Spitback and 4 Ways to Prevent It

Vape Spitback

The vaping hobby comes with its fair share of beginner mistakes that are made. From not charging your battery properly to not packing your equipment in a safe manner while traveling, there can be quite a bit to learn when joining this niche hobby. However, even the most experienced vapers have run-ins with this buzzkill; the dreaded spitback.

What is Spitback?

Spitback is what happens when extremely hot droplets of e-liquid shoot up at a vaper while they are vaping. This is an occasional occurrence, but it is one that is obviously something that any vaper would want to avoid.

Spitback happens when e-liquid is pooled up on the coil and is cooked rather than vaporized. Much like boiling water too long in a pot, the e-juice bubbles and spits, creating spitback that can easily be painfully inhaled.

4 Ways to Prevent Spitback

1. Be Wary of Your Coil

If you are experiencing spitback, your coil could be the problem. Either you are over-priming it or are simply using the wrong type of coil. Twisted and Clapton coils both have the design issue that makes it easy for juices to pool up and pop on your next hit. As a word of the wise, don’t get fancy with your coils and don’t over-prime them.

2. Your Wicks Might Be the Issue

If you are using a rebuild-able tank atomizer and are getting spitback, the problem could be with your wick. If the gap between your coil and tank is not blocked with enough wick, flooding and spitback is bound to occur. If spitback is a problem, don’t be afraid to break into your mod and re-wick your coils.

3. Soak Up E-Juice From the Chimney

One way that spitback can occur is by e-juice collecting in your unit’s chimney and working its way into your coil. By simply rolling up a piece of tissue and removing the drip tip, you can soak up the unwanted excess juice with the tissue and prevent further spitback.

4. Inhale Gently

When you inhale you are pulling e-juice into your vape unit’s chamber. If you inhale too hard, then you run the risk of flooding your chamber and creating spitback. We suggest that you slow your roll and enjoy your time with your unique vape flavors. Let the coil and wick do all of the hard work, not your lungs. You’ll also be preventing spitback and saving face.

Vape N’ Vapor Can Help You Navigate the Hobby

If you are new to vaping, then spitback is not your only concern. You will want to have the best and most effective equipment or starter kit on the market. This is where Vape N’ Vapor comes into the picture. We are a full-service vape store that sells mods, e-liquids, coils, and more. Get in touch with us today to find out about our latest deals and how we can get you started off in the hobby with your best foot forward.

Top 10 E-Liquid Vapor Flavors for the Spring

Spring E-Liquid Flavors

Vapes, E-cigarettes and other mods have witnessed and experienced a surge of popularity in the last decade. Advancements in innovations and technology have made vaping in Dallas not only more popular, but both more personalized and sociable, as well. Vapers around the world share personal style, brands, and preferences like trading cards – each member of the community being the combination of their own tastes, influences and those of their peers. One of the most major ways vapers have come to share this experience is through the nearly infinite varieties of flavors now available to e-smokers. Below are ten e-juice flavors that represent the tastes of Springtime. The arrival of the new season calls for flavors that reflect the reemergence of life, warmer weather, and the year ahead.

1. Lemon

Lemon meringue, Lemon ice chest pie, Spring is filled with the taste and scent of this flavor. The citrus-y freshness combined with an overwhelming sweetness and tail-end tartness is a favorite and standard for vapers and most e-juice brands. Advancements in research and development have helped bring varieties of lemon-flavor e-juices center-stage attention. Lemon-Lime, Lemon Tart, and other delicious combinations/variations are widely available, as well.

2. Coconut Vape Flavors Bring the Tropics Home

Though the fruit’s natural taste is elusive and difficult to duplicate artificially, the mere mention of “coconut flavor” draws the sights and smells of that blue or colorless syrup seeping through the dome shaped ice and paper cones that we used to chase trucks and carts down the street for. Coconut-flavored e-cigarette liquid is only slightly different – that same classic taste and scent, without the threat of brain-freeze.

Banana E-Liquid Flavors3. Banana

Banana is another flavor that in its artificial incarnations, has taken on an identity of its own. Banana flavor provides a heavy vanilla base with aromatic features that recall the taste of real bananas without simply replicating its milky natural taste. The sweetness of banana flavors is one that rivals conventional sweet treats and offers refreshing, natural notes that can make your vape breaks feel like tropical vacations.

4. Strawberry E-Juice is for the Sophisticated

It makes perfect sense that the Spanish word for strawberry (fresa) is also a term used for people of sophisticated taste and lifestyle, as the berry has a complex, almost luxurious flavor and connotation. From the sweet to sexy, strawberry flavor is one that seduces the palette with a lingering sweetness that puckers the lips of anyone enjoying the fruit or vapor flavor, alike.

5. Key Lime

If the thought of inhaling lime-flavored vape smoke makes you squeeze your cheeks and lips together, then think of Key Lime flavor as diet Lime. Key Limes have their distinction as a nod to its origins, or rather where the fruit grows best. The high-alkaline content in the soil of the Florida Keys gives Key Limes a sweetness that counters its natural pucker-inducing astringency. This makes the Key Lime a less tart, lighter version of the flavor that pairs well with light e-juice flavors like a cream or vanilla.

6. Vape with a Sweet and Complex Flavor

Toffee is a complex and often contentious flavor when it comes to defining its components exactly.  The process of toffee creation often leaves toffee with a sharper maple flavors, more savory than butterscotch is rich. This particular flavor of e-cig vapor appeals to those who prefer the sweetness of chocolate and other confections over traditional sugar-based sweet treats.

7. Honey

Honey brings with its natural sweetness and deep, savory base the aroma and taste sensations of fresh gardens and flowering plants, which makes it the ideal spring e-cigarette flavor. The sweetness of honey flavor is light so that saccharine film that often coats the teeth and tongue following satisfying one’s sweet tooth with sugary snacks is a non-factor. For those who suffer from seasonal allergies, the flavor of honey in your vape tank can be a supplement for the smells of Spring when paired with your preferred antihistamine.

8. CherryE-Liquid with a Fruity Scent

Cherry is the alpha predator of sweet, fruit-based flavors. If it’s red and sweet, 9 times out of 10, it’s a cherry flavor. From cherry sours to a seeming infinite number of Kool-Aid combinations, the sweet and tartness of cherry-flavor is a first-round draft pick of vapor flavors. Tasty and highly aromatic, it is a consistent favorite among new and decorated vapers, alike. Careful with though, because a common mistake made by many manufactures leaves some cherry flavors tasting more like cough syrup than hard candy.

9. Rhubarb

This may be the most uncommon flavor on the list. What in tarnation is a rhubarb? Think of rhubarb as a pink-colored celery stick that tastes like granny smith apples with celery’s freshness as an aftertaste. That’s basically it. The combination of these two simple tastes is really a breath of fresh air. The tartness of the rhubarb is one that’s most similarly linked to a strawberry, and as an e-juice can be both sweet and fresh on the palette.

10. Mint

Menthol smokers are no stranger to the benefit of combining vapor and mint. It’s natural opposition to the heaviness of smoke lightens most people’s vaping experience. Spearmint, peppermint and other mentholated flavors are readily available. Mint flavors filter the air in your mouth, throat and nostrils so that in-going or emerging vapor feels less harsh, almost therapeutic.

Vape N’ Vapor has the E-Liquid Flavors Your Spring Break Needs

If your Spring Break needs to have a unique flavor to spice it up, let the team at Vape N’ Vapor help you out. Our products are of the highest quality and are even suitable for people just starting out in the hobby. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our products and locations.

5 Safe Vape Tips for Spring Break

Spring Break Vape Tips

For many, it is currently Spring Break. That means relaxing in the sun, enjoying the outdoors, and creating legendary “O”s with your vaping mods. At Vape N Vapor, we want you to enjoy your vaping experience but also remember to stay safe. Follow our top 5 tips for a solid and safe Spring Break with your vape.

5. Read Your Instructions

Like all electronics, your vape mod or vape pen comes with a strict set of instructions for use. These instructions are in place to keep you safe. Vaping should not be a physically dangerous activity but can go into that territory if your device is misused.

Please, stay safe and make sure that you read your instructions and get yourself familiar with the brand that you are using. Coming in mechanical and digital formats, not all devices are the same, so knowing how to operate yours will maximize your experience.

4. Don’t Mix Charging Devices

These days most customers are used to charging devices being intermingled. Your iPhone brick can easily be switched out for the generic brand and still charge your iPhone. The battery in your vaping device is very particular about how it is charged. Using the wrong charger or a “similar” battery charger can result in your battery being overcharged and put you at risk for venting. Your device is a delicate thing, and a small disruption in its charging source can result in an explosion.

Charge your vape device with the charger that it was meant to be charged with. Your battery will thank you for your consideration.

3. Keep an Eye on the Temperature

Your atomizer in your vape mod is very susceptible to overheating. This is the part of your device that actually creates the vapor, so yeah, it’s a pretty important piece. Remember to not hold down your power button for too long when you inhale. This method causes overheating, and in reality, your device really only needs 5 seconds to produce some entrancing vapors.

Also, with spring and summer around the bend, remember that weather heat can have an inverse effect on your vape device. Heat will overheat your battery, and even leaving your vape device in a car for an extended period of time can pose a very dangerous situation.

Keep your vape device with you in a cool location at all times.

2. Hydrate Yourself!

This is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of vaping safety. Vaping is super fun, but it has the aftereffect of leaving users dehydrated. This is because vaping takes moisture away from the body. While this isn’t dangerous, you will want to remember to make sure that you are increasing the amount of water that you consume with your vaping experience.

1. General Battery Safety

The biggest element to cause vaping malfunctions and explosions is improper battery use and storage. Lithium batteries are capable of exploding due to:

Avoid buying your batteries cheap and always make sure that your current batteries are in excellent condition.

Vape N Vapor is the Vape Store Near You with the Product You Need

If you are interested in learning more about vaping or picking up a starter kit to kick off your Spring Break, get in touch with us today. We are happy to answer any of your questions and help you find the best device on the market that suits your needs.

Looking at a Single Vs. Dual Coil for Your Device

Vape Coil

Powering your device is important, and that is why we feel that it is time to discuss the value of dual and single coil devices that are a necessity to the hobby. If you are new to the vaping hobby, the choice is yours when you decide on how to power your device, but knowing the differences between the two parts will help.

What is the Purpose of a Coil?

Before getting into what the actual vape coil is, it is important to understand the atomizer. This is defined as any device that creates mist out of liquid. Atomizers are an essential in vaping and are the heart and soul of a heating coil. Your vaping atomizer is essentially a heating coil that is made from a piece of wire that heats up and creates vapor out of your favorite e-juice.

Atomizers come in different styles from disposable heads to DIY builds. These coils are measured by the amount of resistance they have, which determines how much power they demand. Vape coils are typically made from:

  • Kanthal
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel
  • Titanium

By engaging the vaporizer battery, the coil heats up and turns the e-juice into the vapor smoke that you can be proud of.

What Are the Differences Between Single and Dual Coils?

The difference between a single and dual coil device comes down to how a person vapes. Remember, the coil is a heating element in your atomizer, and any e-juice device that a vape shop sells has a coil inside of it. Each configuration works in the same way, but the only real difference is that one has two coils and the other doesn’t. For the dual coil device, power is sent to two coils. This transfers heat to your e-juice and vaporizes it.

The choice is really up to you as a vaping enthusiast. Although it may seem like a simple choice between one or two coils, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each type of device.

What Are the Pros of Each?

Single Coil

  • The configuration consumes less battery power compared to dual coil
  • E-juice consumption is generally much lower with a single coil
  • Requires less expertise to rebuild after cleaning due to the much simpler design

Dual Coil

  • Dual coil generally produces a higher amount of vapor. This is due to the amount of contact area between the juice in the device and the coils.
  • Delivers the vapor in a shorter amount of time, which is based on the simple principle that there are two coils involved.

What Are the Cons of Each?

Single Coil

  • Vapor produced from a single coil device typically has a lower density
  • Requires a longer heating time to produce the same amount of vapor that a dual coil would produce.

Dual Coil

  • Depletion of the battery happens a lot faster
  • E-juice consumption is much higher in these devices
  • More difficult to rebuild after cleaning

Vape N’ Vapor has the Atomizers You Need

If you are torn between purchasing a dual or single coil device for your vaping pleasure, then get in touch with Vape N’ Vapor for your vaping needs. We have all of the device options that you could ever need and we are eager to answer all of your questions after you have browsed our shop.

The New Vaper Guide to Device Maintenance

Vaping Device Maintenance

Getting into the vaping hobby can be an awesome experience. However, you need to know about your device and how to keep it functioning properly. Here is our crash course on vaping devices and how to maintain them.

Know Your Device Inside-Out

The first steps to properly maintaining your vape device is to have a clear understanding of what your device is made out of and how it works. It’s really simple anatomy 101 as a new vaper. If you have a pen-style vaporizer, then you are going to be dealing with three main components in your vaping anatomy.

  1. The Tank-Your device’s tank is where your e-liquid is held and is usually combined with your atomizer.
  2. The Coil-The coil is the heating element that turns your liquid into vapor. Remember, that these have to be replaced often.
  3. The Battery-Your battery is just that, the power source of your unit. Box mods usually have the battery contained within the housing of the device itself.

When Should You Clean Your Device?

Knowing when it is time to clean your device is important to keeping up the lifespan of your vaping device. Each time that you change e-juice flavors, you should make it a habit to perform a simple rinse so that your new flavor isn’t tainted by the flavor that was used before it.

It is also recommended to give your vaporizer a weekly examination and clean when necessary. A thorough cleaning should be performed every three weeks or any time that your device isn’t giving you the performance that you are looking for.

How Should You Clean Your Device?

As with most cleaning methods, there is more than one way to skin a cat. However, the two most popular methods are the Simple Rinse and The Deep Clean.

When you are vaping, you want your experience to bring you the maximum flavor, and the last thing you want to inhale is a flavor that has a hint of tastes from past sessions.

Simple Rinse

The simple rinse starts out with a bowl of warm water. From there, take the cleaning in these following steps:

  1. Detach your tank from your mod
  2. Get rid of any e-liquids in the tank
  3. Disassemble your tank
  4. Place components in the bowl
  5. Wash until clean. A few drops of dish soap can handle big messes
  6. Let your components stand and air dry for 15-20 minutes
  7. Reassemble and reuse

Deep Clean

The Deep Clean is a similar system but tosses out the water bowl and brings in some high-proof vodka to get the job done. After disassembling your tank:

  1. Use the vodka to break down the e-liquid deposits from vape tank. This is done by dampening a paper towel with the vodka and scrub tough areas until clean
  2. Wipe and rinse with warm water
  3. Air dry for 10-15 minutes
  4. Reassemble and reuse

Any Questions? Vape N’ Vapor Has the Answers

If you are just getting started in the vaping hobby, then Vape N’ Vapor is the first place you should visit. We have the best in starter kits, batteries and more. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the products that we offer.