Hottest Vaping Trends

Hottest vaping trends

Trends change all the time, be it clothing, hair or even vapes. Over the last decade we have all seen the world of vaping regularly evolve. While we certainly do not have a crystal ball, our team has taken a look at what has been popular in vaping over the last few years to predict what might be trending the next few years and what we can expect from the vaping community in the near future.

According to google trends, the DISPOSABLE VAPES are taking the world by storm. They are an easy on the go device that can be disposed of after use, which also means it is like a no strings attached agreement and absolutely saves you the hassle. Even though the nicotine level in many disposable vapes is not as extensive and flexible, many disposable vapes have a variety. However, if you are a person who likes high nicotine levels, or a strong ‘hit’ as people say it nowadays, the disposable vapes are in your favor. Most disposable vapes, that don’t have an extensive range, usually contain high levels of nicotine.

Another one of the hot trends are the VAPE PODS also known as just ‘pods’ by the teenagers. Teenagers, in majority, are the ones who have been vaping a lot. This means the design and size of the vape is really significant. The gen-z is known for finding better substitutes and so are now ‘hooked’ on pods. The trend from a few years ago, vape mods, seemed to be too large to be kept in pockets and was not necessarily portable. Hence, vape pods were introduced, smaller and portable for whenever u leave the house. Vape pods also provide greater customization and is also a more environmentally friendly option for experienced vapers.

ICED VAPES have also grown popularity over, approximately, the last 5 years. Iced vapes or ice flavored vapes are simply vape flavors that add a slight minty Ness to an original flavor, for example, one the most popular vape flavor is the grape and blue raspberry ice. This is no unique or new flavor, in fact, is just added menthol to grape and blue raspberry to give a cool, icy minty flavor.

Among the individual vape flavors, the most popular vape juice flavor would be mint and tobacco. These two flavors have maintained a strong, upward popularity amongst people who would like to quit smoking, since these are the flavors that are most similar to what a cigarette would taste like. Except these two, another unexpected flavor has been rising, cherry. This flavor is popular among teenagers and people who are up for experimenting newer flavors.

The most popular one among the lot of teenagers are the vape pens, the smallest form of vape to exist up until now. People love these, for occasions when u can’t take a vape pod or vape mod because they are still too big, take a vape pen. Its simple and tiny and fits absolutely anywhere without taking up much space.

Nicotine salts commonly known as NIC-SALTS is nicotine in its most original form to be consumed. The difference is mainly felt as a stronger nicotine rush because nicotine absorbs in the bloodstream faster, and is for people who want to feel the high of nicotine after the vape or smoke. If you are looking for something stronger and powerful with a better hit, you should definitely try the nic-salts.

Demanded by the younger population we have the HIGHER VG E-LIQUIDS. These e-liquids, with 70% VG (vegetable glycerin) or higher are in demand this season. These e-liquids with higher VG levels have several advantages, one they create thicker smoke for people who like to perform cool tricks with vapes and also foe sub-ohm vaping which makes the smoke cooler or hotter depending on the way you prefer. This is good for consumers who have just started vaping or just want a softer and more pleasant hit sometimes. A plus side to these vapes is that they are less prone to causing allergic reactions. So for people who want to try vaping but fear allergic reactions can definitely try the VG e-liquids.

SHORT-FILL E-LIQUIDS  have been around for a while, and they’re still a mainstay in 2023—with a twist. To give a quick background, vapers love them because they solve a pressing problem. E-liquids should only be sold at 10 mL per container, but the loophole is that this only applies for e-liquids with nicotine. Short-fills are a clever way to get past this, consisting of zero nicotine e-liquids in sizes as large as 50 to 100 mL. Conveniently, these come with nicotine shots so you can mix your desired concentration.

So no matter what the trends might be Vape N’ Vapor has it all! To keep u up to date with all the newest trends. Incase you find yourself confused about what vaping device you need to follow a specific trend, you can always reach out to our customer service support and we’ll try our best to guide u right on track to make your vaping journey a fun filled and enjoyable.

Akbar Khan