MTL and DTL: Explained

MTL and DTL: Explained

The terms “MTL” and “DTL” vaping are certainly familiar to you if you have recently started vaping. You have probably googled these words too. By now, you sure know they are both vaping styles. MTL is mouth – to – lung vaping, and is very similar to smoking a cigarette. DTL, however, is direct to lung vaping. It’s just like you inhale air.

You might be wondering how are they different from each other, and which one should you go for. To answer these questions, keep reading this article!

First, what is MTL?

MTL stands for mouth – to – lung vaping. MTL vaping style is just like smoking a cigarette. Following are the components of this vaping style:

  • Inhale Technique: During MTL vaping, you take a short, restricted puff into your mouth, similar to how you would draw smoke from a cigarette. Before you inhale it further down into your lungs, you hold the vapor in your mouth in MTL vaping.
  • Device: MTL vapes typically use higher resistance coils (generally above 1.0 ohm) and a tighter airflow setting. This allows for a more restricted draw, ideal for MTL vaping.
  • E liquid: MTL vapes are best suited for e-liquids with a higher propylene glycol (PG) content (typically a 50/50 PG/VG ratio or higher). It is worth mentioning that MTL vapers are known for needing a strong throat hit. Because PG is relatively thinner, it provides a very strong throat hit.
  • Experience: MTL vaping offers a more intimate and flavor – focused experience. You can enjoy the subtle flavors of the e – liquid thanks to the limited draw. MTL vapes also usually emit less vapor, which makes them a more covert choice.

Benefits of MTL Vaping

  • Simpler for Beginners: The MTL technique is often easier for new vapers to learn, as it mimics the way they’re used to inhaling from cigarettes.
  • Stronger Throat Hit: Many ex – smokers prefer the stronger throat hit that MTL vaping offers, as it provides a more familiar sensation.
  • More Flavorful: The tighter draw of MTL vapes allows for a more concentrated and flavorful experience.
  • Discreet: MTL vapes produce less vapor, making them a more discreet option for those who prefer to vape less conspicuously.
  • Cost – Effective: MTL vapes generally use less e-liquid than DTL vapes, making them a more economical choice.

Now, what is DTL?

DTL stands for direct – to – lung (DTL) vaping. This style of vaping involves a completely different inhalation technique:

  • Inhale Technique:In DTL vaping, you take a long, deep breath directly into your lungs, similar to how you would inhale air. The vapour enters your lungs directly, avoiding your mouth entirely.
  • Device:DTL vapes typically use lower resistance coils (generally below 1.0 ohm) and a more open airflow setting. This allows for a much airier draw, creating larger clouds of vapor.
  • E liquid:DTL vapes are best suited for e – liquids with a higher vegetable glycerin (VG) content (typically a 70/30 PG/VG ratio or higher). VG is thicker and produces thicker clouds of vapor.
  • Experience: DTL vaping offers a cloud-chasing experience. Large, thick vapor clouds may be produced because to the free airflow and reduced resistance coils. The flavor may not be as strong as it is with MTL, but generally, the experience is more focused on the vapor production’s visual elements.

Benefits of DTL Vaping

  • Smoother Throat Hit: DTL vaping typically provides a smoother throat hit compared to MTL.
  • Cloud Production: DTL vapes are ideal for those who enjoy creating large clouds of vapor.
  • More Flavor Options: Many e – liquid manufacturers offer more complex flavor profiles specifically designed for DTL vaping.

MTL vs. DTL Vaping

Here’s a quick comparison of the 2 vaping styles:

Feature MTL Vaping DTL Vaping
Inhalation Technique Mouth – to – Lung (similar to smoking) Direct – to – Lung
Coil Resistance Higher (generally above 1.0 ohm) Lower (generally below 1.0 ohm)
Airflow Setting Tighter More Open
E-liquid Higher PG content (50/50 PG/VG or higher) Higher VG content (70/30 PG/VG or higher)
Throat Hit Stronger Smoother
Flavor More Intense and Focused Wider Variety of Complex Flavors
Cloud Production Lower Higher
Cost More Economical Less Economical
Discreteness More Discreet Less Discreet


Now, let’s get into the details and find out the right option for you!

  • Experience Level: MTL vaping is generally considered easier for beginners to learn due to the similar inhalation technique to smoking.
  • Throat Hit: If you prefer a stronger throat hit, similar to a cigarette, then MTL vaping may be a better choice.
  • Flavor: If you prioritize a more intense and focused flavor experience, MTL vaping might be preferable. However, DTL offers a wider variety of complex flavor profiles to explore.
  • Cloud Production: If you enjoy creating large clouds of vapor, then DTL vaping is the way to go.
  • Discreteness: If you prefer a more discreet vaping experience, MTL is a better option due to the lower vapor production.
  • Cost: MTL vapes generally use less e – liquid than DTL vapes, making them a more economical choice. It is worth noting that MTL devices produce less vapor, because they have typically have higher resistance coils and a tighter airflow.

It’s also crucial to continually keep the nicotine strength in mind. It is another important factor to consider. Generally, MTL vapes are used with higher nicotine strengths (around 12mg or higher) due to the tighter draw and stronger throat hit. Conversely, DTL vapes are often used with lower nicotine strengths (around 3mg or lower) due to the larger vapor production.

Battery life is one other important consideration. MTL devices tend to be more battery – efficient than DTL devices. This is because MTL vapes use less power due to their higher resistance coils and tighter airflow.

Final Thoughts

MTL and DTL are two distinct vaping styles that offer unique experiences. MTL vaping is an excellent option for new users, people who value caution above all else, and people who want a greater throat hit and a more flavor-focused experience.

People who like to explore a larger range of nuanced taste profiles, want a smoother throat hit, and chase clouds will find DTL vaping to be great. In the end, the vaping style that you enjoy the most is the ideal one for you. So, see what works best for you by experimenting with various gadgets and e – liquids!

Akbar Khan