3 Tips for Vaping in Public

Vaping in Public

Smoking has always been a social issue that brings controversy when it comes to doing it in public spaces. Restaurants, malls, and even theme parks have designated areas for smokers to indulge in their habit.

With the popularity of E-cigarettes and vaping, the question of how vaping should be regulated in public has surfaced. States across the country have passed numerous laws that are very similar to laws regarding regular cigarettes. Although there are laws in place for those of us that vape, you also need to keep in mind proper etiquette that comes along with vaping in public.

Ask Before Vaping

Even though vaping is not the same as smoking a regular cigarette, you can’t just assume that people are okay with you lighting up just anywhere. Assuming that you can vape anywhere is a good way to annoy some people surrounding you. Even though vaping is legal, provide those surrounding you with the courtesy of letting them know what you are about to do.

Always asking before vaping in public is the polite thing to do. Before blowing vapors, assume that in all public spaces and gatherings that vaping is not permitted. If you don’t want to ask, it is perfectly okay to step outside and vape.

No Kids AllowedDont Vape Around Kids

This may be common sense, but it needs to be said. Do not vape around children. Even though it is a healthier form of a habit, it is still a habit that has the potential to be harmful in the long-run. Although vaping may not be directly harmful to children, it all goes back to the common-sense aspect of this point.

Also, if you’re around kids, don’t leave your mods or e-liquids out and unattended. Like many things around the house, vaping gear like batteries, chargers, and mods can pose a danger to children who don’t know how to properly handle the equipment.

Show Off Your Knowledge

Vaping and education go hand-in-hand, especially when out in the public eye. Most people in public may not understand the difference between a vaporizer, e-cigarette, or a plain cigarette. If you’re going to vape in public, be ready to take the time to answer people’s questions about your hobby. Educate on why vaping is different than smoking cigarettes. Don’t be an elitist, but be ready to present the facts to your audience.

This could be very helpful in a situation where you wanted to vape in a bar, and the business owner had the wrong idea about the hobby.

Bring Any Questions to Us

At Vape N’ Vapor we want you to be comfortable with enjoying your habit in public. If you are new to the hobby and have any questions on etiquette, we are here to help. We are a full-service shop that specializes in selling e-liquid, mods, atomizers, and other accessories and top rated products. Call us today to find out about our latest featured deals.

5 Ways to Prevent Vape Tank Leakage

Prevent Vape Leakage

The vape tank is probably the most important aspect of your vaping setup. With a wide variety of vape tanks on the market, selecting the right vape tank can be one of the biggest decisions you make for your vaping investment. Once you have purchased your tank of choice, it is important to understand that maintenance of your tank and its longevity is entirely up to you.
Vape N’ Vapor has come up with five easy and practical ways that address how to prevent vape tank leakage and maximize the lifespan of your tank.

1. Fill the Tank Properly

One of the most obvious ways to prevent vape tank leakage is to fill the tank properly. Although this may seem like a no-brainer, accidently getting juice down your tanks central airflow tube is the most common reason for tanks gurgling and leaking. Avoid the chimney and don’t overfill your tank. Leaving an air pocket at the top is a simple way to prevent vape tank leakage.

2. Are Your O-rings Damaged?

Leaks are also commonly caused by damaged or worn away O-rings. If you notice your vape tank leaking, take the time to take it apart and ensure that your O-rings are not the issue. Damaged O-rings compromise your tank’s air seal. If O-rings are your leakage problem, fear not, they are easy and cheap to buy, simply refer to your manual for correct sizing.

3. Clean Your Tank

Over time, your vape tank is bound to build up unwanted gunk in the air intake or juice chamber. If gone undetected, this can be the root of your problem. Regularly cleaning your accessories is an easy step to take to prevent vape tank leakage. The steps are simple; take your tank apart, wash it in cold water and let it dry out overnight unassembled. If you are a flavor connoisseur, you may need to perform this task on a higher than average basis to prevent tan leaks.

4. Coil and E-Liquid Compatibility CountsE Liquid and Vape Coil Compatibility

Depending on the type of tank that you select for your vaporizer, the coils that come with it are important areas to remember when tank leaks arise. The coils in your tank are built for specific E-liquids to be used in them. Thicker liquid in a coil that requires thinner liquid and vice versa can either clog your tank up or let un wanted liquids through, with both leading to a leakage problem.

5. Cracks Are Tank Killers

In order to function correctly, a vape tank has to be airtight. If you are noticing leakage during your vape sessions you may need to take a look at your tank before breathing in your next hit. Even something as simple as a thin crack or piece of bent metal can ruin the requirements of your vape tank being airtight. Usually, these are inexpensive replacements.

Get Quality Vape Tanks from Vape N’ Vapor

If you are having trouble understanding how to prevent vape tank leakage, or need to replace any vape tank parts, contact Vape N’ Vapors today. Our expertise in the industry and wide variety of products are what makes us the leading provider for vape tanks and other related products in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.