Why is my Vape Spitting?

Why is my Vape Spitting?

We’re going to address the most common query today: Why is my vape spitting? We know there’s nothing more annoying than starting a soothing vapor session only to have your tongue burned by hot e – liquid and hearing a sharp crackling. It is a pain on your lips! This unpleasant phenomen, known as vape spitting or crackling, can quickly turn your peaceful time into frustration.

In this article, you will get to know all there is to why your vape might be spitting. You will also learn solutions to get that smooth, satisfying vape experience back on track. So, let’s get started!

First, what exactly is Vape Spitting?

Vape spitting takes place when excess e – liquid accumulates in the coil and heating element of your vape. This liquid, instead of vaporizing cleanly, gets caught in a heated pocket and pops, sending tiny droplets of unvaporized e – liquid up into your mouth. This results in a sputtery, crackly vape that can be downright unpleasant.

So, why is my Vape Spitting?

Now that you know what vape spitting is, let’s understand the most common reasons why your vape might be spitting:

Improper Coil Priming.

It’s essential to prime a newly installed coil correctly. To do this, fill your tank with e – liquid and then drip a few drips straight onto the cotton wicking material. A dry coil creates pockets that might induce spitting since it has trouble effectively absorbing e – liquid.

E Liquid Ratio Mismatch.

There are many VG / PG ratios for e – liquids. Propylene glycol (PG) is thinner and has a greater throat punch than vegetable glycerin (VG), which is thicker and creates bigger vapor clouds. In general, sub – ohm vaping (lower resistance coils) works better with higher VG liquids, and vice versa. Spitting may occur if a high VG liquid is used with a low resistance, high wattage setup that overwhelms the coil.

Overfilling Your Tank.

Filling up your tank to the brim may sound appealing, but fight the desire! Maintaining a certain amount of air space in your tank helps the coil from becoming overflowed with extra e – liquid and enables correct pressure equalization.

Inhaling Too Hard.

A gentle, controlled draw is key. Inhaling too forcefully pulls more e – liquid into the coil than it can vaporize, leading to spitting. Take slower, steadier puffs for a more enjoyable and spit – free vape.

Low Wattage Vaping.

The e – liquid may not vaporize correctly if you vape at a wattage that is below what your coil is supposed to support. The ideal wattage range may be found by consulting the device handbook or the specs of your coil.

Worn Out Coil.

Over time, coils wear out. The cotton wicking material loses its ability to absorb e – liquid efficiently, and the heating element can become less effective. A worn – out coil is a prime culprit for spitting. We highly encourage you to replace your coils regularly for optimal performance.

Improper Coil Installation.

A coil that is not screwed in securely or has loose wicking can cause leaking and spitting. We recommend you to ensure your coil is screwed in tightly and the wicking material is not frayed or overhanging the base.

Leaking Vape.

Leaks often indicate a problem that can also lead to spitting. First, check for any visible signs of leakage around the tank, base, or coil. Then, you should be dealing with the leak promptly to prevent any further issues.

Damaged Vape Device.

Rarely, the cause may be a vape device that isn’t working properly. Try looking through the device documentation or getting in touch with the manufacturer for troubleshooting help if none of the aforementioned fixes work for your spitting problems.

E-Liquid Quality.

While less common, using low – quality e – liquid can contribute to spitting. For a more enjoyable vaping experience, choose trustworthy brands that employ premium ingredients.

Now, what are the Solutions for a Spit Free Vape?

Now that you’ve identified the potential cause of your vape spitting, here are some solutions to get you back on track:

  • Prime your coils properly before use.
  • Use an e – liquid with a VG / PG ratio suitable for your coil and wattage.
  • Do not overfill your tank.
  • Inhale gently and steadily.
  • Increase your wattage within the recommended range for your coil.
  • Replace worn – out coils regularly.
  • Ensure your coil is installed securely and the wicking material is properly positioned.
  • Address any leaks promptly.
  • If necessary, consult your device manual or contact the manufacturer.
  • Consider using a higher – quality e – liquid brand.

Sometimes, all your vape needs is a little break. After filling your tank or changing your coil, allow the e – liquid some time to saturate the wicking material before taking your first puff. This short waiting period can significantly reduce the chances of initial spitting.

Final Thoughts

All in all, by understanding the causes of vape spitting and implementing the solutions outlined in this article, you can minimize those unwelcome e – liquid pops and get back to enjoying a smooth, satisfying vape experience. Remember, a little troubleshooting and proper vaping technique go a long way!

Additionally, if you still experience vape spitting after trying these solutions, we highly encourage you to consult with a vape shop employee or check online forums for device – specific troubleshooting advice. The vaping community is a wealth of information, and there’s likely a solution waiting to be discovered! You can always reach to us as well. Happy to help!

Akbar Khan