Why does my vape taste burnt?

Woman Vaping

You take that first drag of your vape and it tastes burnt. But why?  That burnt taste from you vape can come from a few reasons, but don’t worry, it is fixable. Just don’t use your vape anymore until you troubleshoot it, find your problem and fix it. Here are a few reasons.

Reasons You Get  Burnt Taste From Your Vaporizor

Usually the problem is the wick inside your atomizer coil has dried out and burned up. The wick is part of your vaporizer that soaks up the liquid from the tank and holds it until the coil heats up.  If the wick completely soaked, it can scorch, leaving a foul taste. Some vapers call this a “dry hit.”  Once you have a burnt coil, the only fix is a new vape coil. The two main reasons for burnt coils are:

  • Unprimed coils: If you have experienced this burnt coil taste after just a couple of puffs, it is probably because you did not prime the coils. Priming the coils is very important because it gets the wick ready, getting it full of vape liquid. Not priming is basically firing up a dry wick.
  • Chain vaping: This is the primary reason vape coils burn out. Chain vaping is when a vaper takes several draws within a small time frame, with just seconds between each draw. What this does is prevent the vape wick from soaking up enough e-juice before the next vape hit. It is necessary to leave at least 20 seconds between each vape draw.
  1. Low E-liquid:

    If you are an e-cig user who wants to get every-single little drop out of your tank before refilling your vape tank, you could be damaging your vape coils. Leaving that liquid run low can leave your wick without enough e-liquid to soak up. This creates a dry wick. Always be sure to keep your e-liquid at a sufficient level for your wick. If you want to change flavors in your vape, just pour the remaining liquid back into the bottle and put in your new e-juice.

  2. E-liquid choice:

    Some coils can get gunked-up due to the e-liquids that are used. E-juice with a higher VG (vegetable glycerin) content tends to be harder on the coil. Higher VG content makes the e-liquid thicker and sweeter. The PG (propylene glycol) e-liquids are thinner and almost tasteless. While the PG e-juices are better for the coil, most vapers prefer a high VG content because of the enhanced flavor and thicker smoke it produces. For the life of your vape oil, it is better to use a lower VG content e-liquid. But if you prefer the higher VGs, the answer to this is to always be sure to your routine maintenance on your vape and e-cig devices.


No matter what the cause of your burnt vape taste, proper cleaning and care of your vape is vital.  Checking the liquid level, checking the coil, cleaning the tank and coils will extend the life of your vape and, hopefully, help you avoid that nasty burnt vape taste.