Vaping Battery Safety Tips

Vape Battery Charger

The first e-cig appeared in the U.S. in 2007. Technology in the vaping industry has advanced quickly. Thankfully, the days of modifying flashlights to vape are gone with vape products available in shops and online. Now anyone over the age of 18 can buy vape mods, whether a beginner or advanced user. But, just because mods and batteries are widely available, it doesn’t mean that there is no cause for precautions. A user must know how to use and charge their device safely.

Problems Incorrectly Charging Your Vape Mod’s Battery

Problems with charging mods do exist. Usually, these problems are due to operator-error or poor quality of equipment. A vaporizer battery is no different than a standard battery. They come in different sizes and shapes. Most are made of lithium ion, which provides a great deal of power. But, vape batteries are different from other lithium-based batteries because they use custom-made lithium ions that are made specifically for the vaporizing devices. It is important to use the correct battery per device to avoid any problems.


Simple Tips for Vaporizer Battery Safety

There are some guidelines to follow to ensure that your vape and battery can be used and charged without any problems.

  • Be sure to purchase a high-quality vaporizer, one that is well made. Be leery of “deals” found online from foreign distributors. An extremely low price could signify low quality. Always purchase authentic items from authorized dealers.
  • If you purchase a vaporizer that does not come with a built-in battery, be sure to buy a battery that is compatible with your device from a reputable brand.
  • Charging is often when problems occur. Overcharging or discharging of a battery can cause overheating, fire or explosion. Using a smart charger offers safety features that a regular charger does not. If you do not have a smart charger, be sure to pay attention to your charging and do not overcharge.
  • Always charge on a solid surface. Never charge on flammable surfaces like a pillow or a mattress. It is recommended to unscrew the tank from the mod if leaving it overnight.
  • It is best to charge your battery/device indoors, in a temperature-controlled environment. Extreme cold or heat can damage the battery. Don’t ever leave your battery in your car or on a windowsill for long periods of time. Overheating can cause the device to explode.
  • Never exceed the amps of your battery. Always stay within the manufacturer guidelines. Most mods have a limit to what ohms coil they can use. Use your manual to check the range.
  • Never use a damaged battery. A damaged battery is dangerous.
  • Never overcharge your battery. It isn’t good for your battery and can cause serious damage to the device, or even the user.
  • Never mix and match sets of batteries or battery chargers. The voltage output may differ which may damage your batteries or your vaporizer. Always use the correct charging cable, being sure that the power output matches your mod.
  • Never carry batteries loose in a pocket or purse. Contact with other metal items like keys or coins can damage the batteries. If transporting your batteries, always use a battery holder.

Following directions and using basic battery safety can go a long way in caring for your device. Any battery powered device has the potential of issues if misused. It is always important to follow manufacturer recommendations for proper usage and charging.


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