Alpha: Cloud Science owes its existence to this flavor.  Alpha’s subtle glaze, and perky sweetness ride alongside a blend of several varieties of strawberry.  The result is something Teleos lovingly refers to as “spun-sugar”.  It’s not quite cotton candy, but you’ll swear you just ate some as you blow monster clouds so thick they look like the stuff.

Beta: Beta delivers a basket full of fruits you wouldn’t expect to arrive together.  Most notably, you’ll find pomegranate on the nose, with more than a touch of blueberry and raspberry poking out from behind. Top that off with a blend of fruit notes including watermelon, among others, and the result is something Teleos likes to call a “bubblegum”.  But not in the pink bubblegum sense… more of a chompy mouthful of deliciousness that sticks around in the freshest way, as its thick plumes of vapor venture forth.

Gamma: The very definition of succulence in e-liquid form.  Gamma takes ripe, juicy mango, pairs it masterfully with sweet guava, and balances them both with a delicate peaches and cream blend.  Thorough testing and reformulating ensures that the flavors in this e-juice are balanced perfectly, with no one flavor overpowering the others.

Crunch: The first in Teleos’ “Breakfast at Teleos” e-juice series, Crunch is a surprisingly accurate recreation of your favorite seafaring Captain’s crunchy cereal.  Not the plain version, though.  The one with those tasty, crunchy little berries, complete with sweet milk.

The Milk: The second juice in the Breakfast at Teleos ejuice line, The Milk pays homage to one of our favorite drinks, fruity cereal milk from Momofuku Milk Bar in Brooklyn.  For those that don’t know, it’s a drink made by steeping a popular fruity cereal in whole milk with a few other key ingredients.  It is then vigorously stirred and strained.  When Momofuku does it, they get one of the most delicious drinks on the planet.  When Teleos does it, they get The Milk.