How to Clean a Vape Coil and Vape Tank

Cleaning Vape Coil

If you are new to vaping or are having a problem with your vaporize, it is important to be sure to know how and when to clean your vape device. This will heighten the e-liquid flavor and extend the life of your vape.

First, you should know the structure of your vape device. When you purchase your vape device, to go over the components and keep any paperwork to help you through the cleaning procedure. The tank holds the e-liquid.  The coil is the heating element that converts the e-liquid into vapor.  The battery is the power source.

Each time you change flavors, you will want to rinse and clean your vape tank. This will avoid having the last flavor affect the new one. That is only the beginning of vape maintenance.  It is best to be in the habit of cleaning your vape thoroughly every few weeks.

How to clean the vape tank:

There are a few ways to clean a vape tank, and again, which vape device you own may dictate which procedure is best. No matter which procedure you use, you will first need to detach the tank for the vape device, dispose of any e-liquid and disassemble the tank. Always end each cleaning by drying with a clean towel then allowing the tank and parts to air dry for about 15 minutes before reassembling.

  1. Rinse: fill a bowl with warm water (can use a drop of dish soap) – place all tank parts into the bowl – wash all parts
  2. Alcohol: soak the tank and parts using high-proof, non-flavored vodka – wipe and scrub clean with a cloth – wipe and rinse with warm water
  3. Vinegar: fill a bowl with some warm water and a splash or two of vinegar – place all tank parts into the bowl – wash all parts – rinse very well (vinegar is highly acidic so the rinse must be thorough to avoid any lingering smell)
  4. Ultrasonic cleaner: This device is usually used for cleaning jewelry, but an ultra sonic cleaner will give your vape tank the most thorough cleaning it has ever had. You don’t need any specific type or brand. You will want to put your disassembled tank parts into the cleaner with warm water and a drop of dish soap for at least 5 minutes.


How to care for your vape coil:

The coil of your vape device has a huge impact on the flavor you get when you vape. You cannot wet an e-coil; this will cause it to burn out. No matter how well you clean your vape device, you will need to replace your coil. You cannot revive a vape coil; replacement is the vital element of successful vape care.  Here are some signs that your coil may need to be replaced:  decrease in vapor production – decrease in flavor – leaking – appearance is dark, damaged or crusty – a burnt taste.

Changing a coil isn’t difficult, but since there are many vape devices on the market, changing an e-coil is unique to each device.  Basically though, a generalized how-to involves: remove tank from the vape device – discard any e-liquid – twist the coil to unscrew it from the tank – screw in a new coil – clean the tank – reattach tank to the vape device after air drying for 15 minutes.

There are several ways to clean your vape tank and care for your vape coil. Always refer to your manufacturer recommendations first. Also, if you are a newbie and unsure, there are some good vaping forums out there with good advice from fellow vapers who will be happy to help you out with your particular vaping device.