The Art of Stealth Vaping

Stealth Vaping

So, you love vaping but there are still some places that you frequent where the habit is frowned upon. Restaurants, stores, and even outdoor public events like Renaissance festivals are places where if you are seen vaping, you may be asked to stop or simply leave. We get it. You just bought the perfect mod and want to show off your cloud-making skills, however, certain societal etiquette rules are preventing you from doing so. This is why you need to learn how to stop making rookie mistakes and stealth vape like a ninja!

What is Stealth Vaping?

Stealth vaping is quite simple to understand. Sometimes you just need your nicotine or flavor fix and you are in a place where vaping is a “no-no.” Stealth vaping means that you are utilizing specific vape techniques to get your kicks without getting thrown out or annoying the customers around you with harmless vapor clouds. Here are some tips that you can use on your next vape outing.

1. Deep Inhale

This is the most common way to pull off a successful stealth vape. Simply pick your favorite e-juice, grab your mod and take a deep inhale. Hold the vapor in your lungs for the count of a few seconds and then release. The exhale, while still producing a vapor, will not produce one that causes much attention towards you.

2. Shirt and Napkin Blow

While these two techniques may seem easy, many vaping enthusiasts or beginners with starter kits seem to mess them up. These methods involve you taking a vape hit and blowing the vapors into your shirt or a napkin/paper towel. The intent is that the materials will absorb most of the vapors and the hit will go relatively unnoticed. However, where mistakes are made is the initial hit. Some people absorb too much vapor and end up with a very visible cloud of smoke billowing out of the neck of their shirt.

3. Pick a Smaller Mod!

If you are walking around with a massive box-like mod, then, of course, you aren’t going to be able to pull off stealth vaping in public! If you know you are going somewhere where vaping isn’t permitted or someone won’t appreciate your hobby, leave the house with a smaller setup, like an e-cigarette. These are much less obvious, and you are more likely to pull off your stealth skills without getting into any trouble.

4. Cover Up!

The light that illuminates when you hold down your mod’s button for a hit is a dead giveaway. Cover your light up and reduce the chances of being found out.

5. Starter Kits Help

We know, you are a vaping king or queen and you are way beyond using a starter kit in public. However, starter kits don’t provide much in the way of vapor clouds. Therefore, if you really need a taste of nicotine, a starter kit is your best bet for stealth vaping without issue.

Vape N’ Vapor Has Starter Kits You Need and More for Stealth Vaping

While vaping isn’t illegal, you may want to be subtle in your actions sometimes. Get with Vape ‘N Vapor and browse our products. We will be able to help you find the right mods and e-liquids to give you the experience you need. Contact us today for more information on what our stores are all about!