5 Tricks to Make Your Vape Clouds Awe-Worthy

Vape Tricks for Vape Clouds

Although vaping has been used to help people wean themselves off of cigarettes, the hobby is so much more than the health benefits that it offers. After you have discovered your favorite e-liquid, it is now time for you to start practicing some vape tricks. After all, what’s the use of blowing huge vape clouds if you can’t do it in style? Here are 5 of the hottest vape tricks that are currently trending among vapers. Once you master these, you’ll leave your audience asking for more.

1. Blowing O’s

Even before vaping was a thing, we’ve all seen this trick in some old-fashioned mobster flick. Blowing O’s is simply that. You will be manipulating your vape cloud and creating O shaped vapors that are actually quite impressive.

How’s it done? Simple. Grab your mod, take a deep pull on your vape and inhale the vapors into your throat. From here you will keep your tongue centered at the bottom of your mouth, open your lips in an O shape, and then push small amounts of the vapor with your tongue in bursting, thrusting motions. This may take some practice, and there are other ways to get your O’s, but we think that this method is the easiest to master.

2. Vape Bending

Mastering your O leads to really blowing people away with the skill of vape bending. This trick may sound simple by nature, but as with all skills, it is easier said than done. For this trick you will need to produce a single O. Directly after doing this you will “push” the O in the desired direction with your hand. Keep in mind that you will want to do this delicately. Do not touch the actual O because this will ultimately result in a foggy fail of a trick!

3. The French Inhale

Do you want to look sophisticated when you vape? If the answer is yes, then the French inhale is the trick for you to learn. Snoop Dogg himself made this trick famous, so you already know that it is something worth mastering. With this trick, your vapor will flow up from your mouth and into your nostrils. Think of this trick as a reverse waterfall.

When you attempt this method, take a hit but do not inhale the vapor into your throat. You really just want to hold it in your actual mouth. From here, you slowly open your mouth, and as the vapors rise, you inhale through your nostrils. Master this, and your rep will be taller than the Eiffel Tower in no time!

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