5 Vaping Myths Debunked

Vape Myths Debunked

Vaping is a hobby that has quickly caught on among mainstream audiences over the last few years. It has even become a way for smokers to wean themselves off of cigarettes. While the popularity of vaping is continually on the rise, so are some of the negative myths that come with new trends. At Vape N’ Vapor, we know that vaping is a lifestyle choice that can be both fun and safe. We want to dissuade potential newcomers from the myths that surround this hobby. Here is a list of the top five vaping myths and why they are completely wrong.

5. E-Juices Are Dangerous and Contain Anti-Freeze

Although one of the ingredients of vape juice is contained in the recipe for anti-freeze, propylene glycol is not harmful. In fact, this is the ingredient that is used in anti-freeze in an attempt to make it less dangerous when exposure occurs. Depending on what you vape, there are only a few key ingredients to e-liquids:

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Natural Flavoring

Nicotine is an optional ingredient and it is up to the user whether or not their e-juice contains it. Each of these other products is found in many common foods and cosmetics that people use on a daily basis.

4. Nicotine Causes Cancer

Remember, folks, nicotine is not a carcinogen. Many studies have been shown to prove that there is no direct correlation between nicotine and cancer. Although nicotine itself is very addicting, it is the other countless ingredients in cigarettes that end up signing the death warrant on smokers across the globe. Vaping is being found by scientists to be much safer than smoking.

3. Vaping is a Gateway to Tobacco and Other Drugs

Yes, this is a very valid concern, however, it is also false. Many people who say no to vaping believe whole-heartedly that vaping is a gateway to smoking actual cigarettes among younger audiences. A study by the CDC has actually confirmed that increased use of e-cigs did not increase the use of actual cigarettes among high school demographic, although Nicotine is still dangerous to youths.

2. Vaping is More Addictive Than Cigarettes

Unless you are getting addicted to buying the latest mods and coils, then this myth is also one that is proven to be false. Even with the involvement of nicotine in an e-liquid, the distribution of the ingredient is not as potent as it is in cigarettes. While nicotine is, in fact addictive, some studies have also shown that it is not even the key ingredient that hooks people on cigarettes. Therefore, if you’re going to make smoke rings, do it whilst vaping.

1. They Are Explosive

We have discussed this myth time and time again. Improper storage for travel and charging of batteries do lead to dangerous vape situations. However, if you purchase your starter kit or mod from a knowledgeable vape shop, then you should get the proper storage and charge information to help you vape safely and avoid any common mistakes.

Vape N’ Vapor Busts the Myths Open and Provides Dallas With the Truth About Vaping

If you are ready to get started in the vaping hobby, then make sure you get the right start. At Vape N’ Vapor we believe in getting you the right products for the optimal vape experience. Reach out to us today to find out about our products and locations around the Metroplex.


Vape Spitback and 4 Ways to Prevent It

Vape Spitback

The vaping hobby comes with its fair share of beginner mistakes that are made. From not charging your battery properly to not packing your equipment in a safe manner while traveling, there can be quite a bit to learn when joining this niche hobby. However, even the most experienced vapers have run-ins with this buzzkill; the dreaded spitback.

What is Spitback?

Spitback is what happens when extremely hot droplets of e-liquid shoot up at a vaper while they are vaping. This is an occasional occurrence, but it is one that is obviously something that any vaper would want to avoid.

Spitback happens when e-liquid is pooled up on the coil and is cooked rather than vaporized. Much like boiling water too long in a pot, the e-juice bubbles and spits, creating spitback that can easily be painfully inhaled.

4 Ways to Prevent Spitback

1. Be Wary of Your Coil

If you are experiencing spitback, your coil could be the problem. Either you are over-priming it or are simply using the wrong type of coil. Twisted and Clapton coils both have the design issue that makes it easy for juices to pool up and pop on your next hit. As a word of the wise, don’t get fancy with your coils and don’t over-prime them.

2. Your Wicks Might Be the Issue

If you are using a rebuild-able tank atomizer and are getting spitback, the problem could be with your wick. If the gap between your coil and tank is not blocked with enough wick, flooding and spitback is bound to occur. If spitback is a problem, don’t be afraid to break into your mod and re-wick your coils.

3. Soak Up E-Juice From the Chimney

One way that spitback can occur is by e-juice collecting in your unit’s chimney and working its way into your coil. By simply rolling up a piece of tissue and removing the drip tip, you can soak up the unwanted excess juice with the tissue and prevent further spitback.

4. Inhale Gently

When you inhale you are pulling e-juice into your vape unit’s chamber. If you inhale too hard, then you run the risk of flooding your chamber and creating spitback. We suggest that you slow your roll and enjoy your time with your unique vape flavors. Let the coil and wick do all of the hard work, not your lungs. You’ll also be preventing spitback and saving face.

Vape N’ Vapor Can Help You Navigate the Hobby

If you are new to vaping, then spitback is not your only concern. You will want to have the best and most effective equipment or starter kit on the market. This is where Vape N’ Vapor comes into the picture. We are a full-service vape store that sells mods, e-liquids, coils, and more. Get in touch with us today to find out about our latest deals and how we can get you started off in the hobby with your best foot forward.