Looking at a Single Vs. Dual Coil for Your Device

Vape Coil

Powering your device is important, and that is why we feel that it is time to discuss the value of dual and single coil devices that are a necessity to the hobby. If you are new to the vaping hobby, the choice is yours when you decide on how to power your device, but knowing the differences between the two parts will help.

What is the Purpose of a Coil?

Before getting into what the actual vape coil is, it is important to understand the atomizer. This is defined as any device that creates mist out of liquid. Atomizers are an essential in vaping and are the heart and soul of a heating coil. Your vaping atomizer is essentially a heating coil that is made from a piece of wire that heats up and creates vapor out of your favorite e-juice.

Atomizers come in different styles from disposable heads to DIY builds. These coils are measured by the amount of resistance they have, which determines how much power they demand. Vape coils are typically made from:

  • Kanthal
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel
  • Titanium

By engaging the vaporizer battery, the coil heats up and turns the e-juice into the vapor smoke that you can be proud of.

What Are the Differences Between Single and Dual Coils?

The difference between a single and dual coil device comes down to how a person vapes. Remember, the coil is a heating element in your atomizer, and any e-juice device that a vape shop sells has a coil inside of it. Each configuration works in the same way, but the only real difference is that one has two coils and the other doesn’t. For the dual coil device, power is sent to two coils. This transfers heat to your e-juice and vaporizes it.

The choice is really up to you as a vaping enthusiast. Although it may seem like a simple choice between one or two coils, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each type of device.

What Are the Pros of Each?

Single Coil

  • The configuration consumes less battery power compared to dual coil
  • E-juice consumption is generally much lower with a single coil
  • Requires less expertise to rebuild after cleaning due to the much simpler design

Dual Coil

  • Dual coil generally produces a higher amount of vapor. This is due to the amount of contact area between the juice in the device and the coils.
  • Delivers the vapor in a shorter amount of time, which is based on the simple principle that there are two coils involved.

What Are the Cons of Each?

Single Coil

  • Vapor produced from a single coil device typically has a lower density
  • Requires a longer heating time to produce the same amount of vapor that a dual coil would produce.

Dual Coil

  • Depletion of the battery happens a lot faster
  • E-juice consumption is much higher in these devices
  • More difficult to rebuild after cleaning

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The New Vaper Guide to Device Maintenance

Vaping Device Maintenance

Getting into the vaping hobby can be an awesome experience. However, you need to know about your device and how to keep it functioning properly. Here is our crash course on vaping devices and how to maintain them.

Know Your Device Inside-Out

The first steps to properly maintaining your vape device is to have a clear understanding of what your device is made out of and how it works. It’s really simple anatomy 101 as a new vaper. If you have a pen-style vaporizer, then you are going to be dealing with three main components in your vaping anatomy.

  1. The Tank-Your device’s tank is where your e-liquid is held and is usually combined with your atomizer.
  2. The Coil-The coil is the heating element that turns your liquid into vapor. Remember, that these have to be replaced often.
  3. The Battery-Your battery is just that, the power source of your unit. Box mods usually have the battery contained within the housing of the device itself.

When Should You Clean Your Device?

Knowing when it is time to clean your device is important to keeping up the lifespan of your vaping device. Each time that you change e-juice flavors, you should make it a habit to perform a simple rinse so that your new flavor isn’t tainted by the flavor that was used before it.

It is also recommended to give your vaporizer a weekly examination and clean when necessary. A thorough cleaning should be performed every three weeks or any time that your device isn’t giving you the performance that you are looking for.

How Should You Clean Your Device?

As with most cleaning methods, there is more than one way to skin a cat. However, the two most popular methods are the Simple Rinse and The Deep Clean.

When you are vaping, you want your experience to bring you the maximum flavor, and the last thing you want to inhale is a flavor that has a hint of tastes from past sessions.

Simple Rinse

The simple rinse starts out with a bowl of warm water. From there, take the cleaning in these following steps:

  1. Detach your tank from your mod
  2. Get rid of any e-liquids in the tank
  3. Disassemble your tank
  4. Place components in the bowl
  5. Wash until clean. A few drops of dish soap can handle big messes
  6. Let your components stand and air dry for 15-20 minutes
  7. Reassemble and reuse

Deep Clean

The Deep Clean is a similar system but tosses out the water bowl and brings in some high-proof vodka to get the job done. After disassembling your tank:

  1. Use the vodka to break down the e-liquid deposits from vape tank. This is done by dampening a paper towel with the vodka and scrub tough areas until clean
  2. Wipe and rinse with warm water
  3. Air dry for 10-15 minutes
  4. Reassemble and reuse

Any Questions? Vape N’ Vapor Has the Answers

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